Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In which shana still doesn't use a modern picture....

I love this outfit.

like LOVE this outfit.

It's comprised of a few simple items.

The first are the boots. I used to have these ultra sleek black high heel with a little platform boots. I loved them. I still have them actually. Anyhow, they met an unfortunate accident and need repairs before I can wear them again, so I bought these boots.

The next thing is the dress. It's just a black wrap dress made of eyelet lace. Quite lovely, but requires a cami under it, unless I want to show off a lot of cleave. Which, I really don't. While I appreciate my ample bosom, I don't like to leave it out on display all the time.

Then comes the hat. It's vintage. I picked it up at an event called The Clothing Show that's held semi-annually in Toronto. They have a lot of vintage sellers there, and when I saw the hat, I fell in love with it. I've always been a hatty girl, and that hat definitely went with the jacket I had just purchased...

And that is the jacket in the picture. I got it from Georgie at RetroG Couture who was also at the clothing show. I stopped because of her hats. They are FANTASTIC hats, guaranteed to garner attention. I tried a few on, but then a vest caught my eye. By the time Georgie had sized me up, and picked out this jacket for me. She handed it over, and told me to try it on. Once I did, it was perfect. It even made my fat ass look pretty sexy!

Needless to say, even though the jacket was a lot more than I wanted to spend, I bought it. I now have a one of a kind waist coat of my own. I adore it.

Oh and don't mind the miserable face... it takes the hubby a few tries to get a good shot of me and sadly by the time he does, I'm pretty miserable...


eva said...

What an elegant outfit! That coat is _so_ beautiful and fits you really well. + it's great to look like you're not from this century ;) Sometimes it can be more expensive to buy cheap rubbish things than to buy stuff that are amazing and that you'll wear a lot. Cheap rubbish things might end up not being worn, or break easily, or you'll not enjoy using them. Not to say that everything cheap is rubbish!!

Shana-Marie said...

I've always said that I'm a girl who was born in the wrong decade/century!
I know what you mean... I bought this amazing pair of granny boots for super cheap once. I wore them out once, and had to buy another pair of shoes while I was out because the boots hurt my feet so badly! and it's nice to treat yourself to something nice every now and again!