Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In which Shana is a studmuffin

Okay, not really, but I do find studs very pretty!

Last week Eva (over at Inspiration Beyond Reason asked what I did with my studs, as she's got a few hanging around her place too. I figured this would be easier to tackle, than displaying the hair bands I have to remake, as the cats thing they're birds and super fun to eat

Anyhow, here's what I've done.

I decided that I wanted a studded collar. I just wasn't quite sure how to execute it. I've often had problems wearing things close to my neck, so I didn't want to buy anything straight off. Also, I like things to be a little pretty. So, I bought some pyramid nail head studs and brought them home.

I already had the lace, from some other project that I picked up and immediately abandoned. So I took two pieces (since the lace is made for trim it's about an inch long, and kind of doubles over itself at the top) sewed them together onto a strip of bias tape and attached the studs.

I quite like the effect. It's rock'n'roll with a pretty edge. I've also taken to wearing this in my hair, because I am just that awesome!

So I decided to get some star nail head studs to go with the pyramid studs I already had. This time I decided that I might want to try selling it, so it's taking me a little longer to complete this one.

Basically, it's the same two pieces of lace, but they haven't been sewn together, as the star studs have smaller prongs, so they can't penetrate anything too thick. So the studs are holding the lace together, and I'm hand sewing the bias tape to the back. This way I'm covering the stud prongs on the back.

Again, I find the look quite fetching and pretty versatile. Even my rather sheltered mother in law likes the look and complimented it when she first saw me wear it.

I have a few more ideas in mind, some involving zippers, or the grommet tape. Just got a shipment of 5.5 inch lace to come from an Etsy purchase. Anyhow, I'm totally enjoying making chokers, and they're not THAT hard to make!


eva said...

I haven't been good at thinking outside of the box when it comes to my studs so it's ace to see what you've done with yours! I like the idea of wearing them in your hair, I'll have to find some lace or some great trim of some sort to put mine onto and just tie the stuff onto whatever.

A friend of mine once gave me a long piece of uh.. a textile thingy with lots of metal bits coming off of it, it looks very gypsy. I asked her what it was for and she was like "DUHHH" .. and apparently it was for nothing and everything. Like using it as a necklace, choker, headband, belt, hairbow or wherever I could tie it on. It seemed like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes it's hard to think outside of the box. Ps. I wear my gypsy-something all the time! And now I'm about to make a stud-something too ;)

Shana-Marie said...

I've got a couple bags of bigger studs that I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with them. I'm thinking I might put them on the armwarmers I'm planning on making this week.

Your gypsy cloth sounds like it's very cool. I must see this, and probably want one! :-)