Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In which shana is in a hairy predicament

Over the last decade, I've done a few things with my hair. Nowhere NEAR what some of my friends have done, but still more than a lot of people I know.

In short, I've had black, brown, red, brown, black and red, black and blonde, black and purple (twice), black and pink and I think that's about the bulk of it. There was one time that I bleached all my hair blonde, but that was just for a moment before I died it a lovely shade of red.

Anyhow, onto the photos.

The first set is from earlier this year. I went black and blonde, simply because I was still within my 90days, and it made sense to lay the ground work. March this year, we covered the blonde with a purple. It was lovely, and I am very sad to report that I did not document this at all. I loved the purple. However, if you look to the top of this post and to the right, you will see the black and purple I did a couple years ago.

My stylist at the time wouldn't dye my hair purple, but relented and gave me extensions. I also got my hair chemically straightened that time too. Ladies, take it from me. It's NOT worth the money or hair damage to do it. Just buy a good flat iron!

Next up is when I dyed my hair a lovely shade of red. This is when I bleached my hair. I bleached it, and put the red on top. I wanted it to be as bright as possible.

Then there's a rather mundane shot of kind of boring hair but I quite liked the style. Simple black hair was a staple for some time in my life. And that's what this was, simple and black.

and finally, because I can't resist it, I just LOVE my current hair so much, is my hair now (ish). black and pink. I got this done last summer, but had to retouch it in August. I didn't expect the Pink to last as long, and was thinking I'd be getting my hair done again by now, however the pink is still running strong.

Anyhow, that's my hair. I'm still debating what colour to do next. Blue is a colour I've never done, and could be a lot of fun....


eva said...

Woha, the pink hair is amazing! Blue hair would be beautiful too, I think you should go for it!!

Maddie said...

I think u looked amazing with red or maybe cuz i love that color? anyhow my hair is way dry and i want to dye it any ideas to soften it up other than steam sessions?

Shana-Marie said...

Eva - I'm seriously considering it. Blue would be so much fun! I just have to wait for the pink to fade a bit more!

Maddie - I loved the red, and kept it up for a while. Sadly my hair is so dark naturally I had to bleach it to get the right colour. I've got a few tips to help keep hair soft and not dry.

1) don't wash it every day, and when you do, only wash the scalp.

2) leave your conditioner in for as long as possible. I tend to wash my hair first, add conditioner, wash the rest of me, and then rince the conditioner out.

3) monthly extra treatments. I tend to mix up avocado(the avocado is optional), honey and olive oil and let it sit on my head for 30 min... but hot oil treatments or deep conditioner, or steam sessions, anything like that will help too. You can find a lot of home made recipes for natural hair remedies too!
lemme know if this helps you out at all!

Maddie said...

ill try the honey and olive oil and let you know!thx