Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In which Shana goes back in time, and forward again, stylewise

*I had intended to have images to go along with this post, however I just wasn't up to fighting with html that won't obey, and a scanner that doesn't much like me. So it's imageless this week. sorry*

Growing up I was something of a tomboy.

Granted, I did like to dress up sometimes. I remember I had this pretty pink princessy dress that I used to wear around all the time. That is, when my mom would let me. For the most part though, fashion, style, clothes were the last thing on my mind.

Part of it was not thinking I was pretty. Part of it was feeling disconnected from the other. Part of it was just not having the money for pretty clothes. And finally, part of it was just not caring at all.

I wore Tshirts and jeans, all the time. It was simple, cheap, and well, I was pretty damned lazy! When I was very young, up until I was about 10 or so, I wore whatever my mom gave me. I didn't put any thought into it what so ever.

Sometime in preadolesence, I started to put a little more thought into it. I started being selective. I still primarily wore Tshirts and jeans, but I started eliminating colour from my warddrobe. Black became my choice for colour (or lack thereof) to wear.

By the time highschool rolled around, I still didn't put much thought into what I wore. It was all oversized tshirts and jeans that were too big for me. I remember showing someone a picture of me and she commented that I had lost a lot of weight. In reality, in the time between the picture being taken and that point, I just started dressing better.

As I went through highschool, I dated, and subsiquently dumped my boyfriend of something like 3 years. When I dumped him, I felt a liberation, and a need for change. I kept the oversized shirts and jeans, but only wore them when painting or building a set. The rest of the time, I still wore black, but it was skirts, and blouses.

I also discovered a love for ribbons and braids and pretty hair. I dyed my hair black at this point too. So much about how I took care of myself changed in that time of my life. Between clothes, hair, makeup and everything, I was a new girl.

Eventually I became pregnant, and wound up not having a lot of money, and therefore, ended up resorting to wearing a lot of crappy clothes, ugly ill fitting jeans, hand me down dress pants that went out of fashion decades ago. In short, I just didn't care anymore.

I ended up having more money, and started focusing on how I was dressing, but it was all buisness dress. Dress pants, dress shirts, vests. I worked in an office, and I dressed like I worked in an office, all the time. Towards the end of my call center career, I started finding my own style. I started wearing kitschy tshirts, tinkerbell, veronica, scooby doo, and super mario were some of my fav's. I also started wearing stripey socks and shoes that didn't entirely hide them.

Shortly thereafter, I got fired, and felt that there was no reason to limit my manner of dressing. Now, I still have dress shirts and the like, but they're far secondary to my lovely tshirts, skirts and stripey hosery. Now all I need is more steamy clothes and life will be great!


eva said...

Putting some effort into dressing and grooming can work wonders for self confidence! And you can't go wrong with stripy socks;) I think I have them in just about every colour.

Cadeaux said...

I really like the thinking of Shana, somewhat stylish and should be suits as attitude. I really enjoyed this article and try to keep contact on this site. Thank you!

Shana-Marie said...

Eva - You are so right about stripey socks! I love 'em! I just need more stripey tights now, because sometimes socks just don't keep me warm enough.

Cadeaux - It's really just the rockstar philoshophy... if you don't feel like a rockstar however you're dressed, or made up, you're doing it wrong! Feel free to keep up contact!