Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In which Shana does laundry

It's laundry day.

Okay, it isn't, but today, in theory at least, my dryer gets fixed, meaning I can do my own laundry again.

I hate laundromats. They're so sketchy and awful. And you don't know what was in the machine before you....

Anyhow, today, I want to talk about laundry day attire.

I know that most people wear their grungiest, grossest, never wear out of the house kind of clothes on laundry day.

Not me. I figure, I wear jammies most days. And my exercise clothes often need to be cleaned, since I exercised in them. And I really don't have anything that's grosser than my jammies, save for the hair dye shirts. And well, I wear the hair dye shirts to dye hair.

Anyhow, I have a habit of wearing fancy dresses, or things I wouldn't normally get a chance to wear out. Simply put, I like to feel pretty even when I'm doing a crappy domestic task! At least for the first load or two. Once I have fresh jammies to wear, I tend to change back.

Anyhow, what do you wear to do laundry?


eva said...

You need a special laundry day tutu!! I like to dress as if I'm going to a party(an interesting party, not a posh party lol), no matter what I'm doing. Unless I'm too depressed to bother :P
I don't care much what other people think of how I dress but I wish I cared even less! Sometimes it's annoying when *everyone* stares, so some of the funkier things I own are often just worn in the house. Sigh. I do own some pretty outlandish pieces of clothing, though, hehe.

Shana-Marie said...

You know, you're the second person in a week who's suggested a tutu... I might have to seriously consider getting one :) I need more outlandish clothes. I figure people are going to stare at me 'cos I'm in black and wear a lot of eyeshadow anyhow... I might as well have fun!