Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In which Shana cops out only 3 days in... but does it creatively!

So for today's creativity post, I'm not feeling so creative, so Ima show off my desk, and my crafty stuff, and perhaps ask for advise on what I can do with a couple of pieces.

This post promises to be photo heavy, in part because I'm lazy, but also because I'm trying to make up for yesterday. Okay, so now that I've looked at the photos that I'm putting up, it'll be 3 images that I put up here, which isn't heavy at all, but still.

The first is my bookshelf beside my desk. There you can see my photo wall. I have pictures of people that I know and love there. Also, I have tags and cards from things I've gotten and liked. I have Moody and Sanguine's card, a tag from the wonderful Eva, and a card from the shop the hubby got my wooden earings from too. I need more photos, of people I think. Wanna send me your picture for my wall? That'd be the height of awesome!

This is the surface of my desk... I spread my craft stuff out a bit, so it's kind of messy... but here's what I have there.
1 - PVC grommet tape. I plan to use that when making some 'lace up' arm warmers.
2 - Optimus Prime, under a baggy. He came from off a Slurpee straw this summer.
3 - Princess' second monitor. It's dark right now because I need a new cable for it
4 - Not craft stuff, but it's the lovely choker I got from @MoodySanguine. It's on my desk because I wear it a lot so it doesn't make it back to the jewelry box.
5 - My pencil case, full of pens sharpies and post its.
6 - Headbands that I made. They're covered in ribbon and I attached feathers and such. My cats have tried eating them, so I need to fix them again.
7 - My many studs. Stars and pyramids.
8 - Strip of D-rings attached to a ribbon.
9 - A whole mess of lace.
10 - Tink(er bell) my lovely netbook.

Back to the D-ring tape for a second. When I bought it, I thought I was buying something smaller. Not that the seller gave me that impression, I just didn't read the posting very closely. Now that I have it, I'm not sure what to do wit it. My original intent was use it, much like the grommet tape, on lace up arm warmers, but sadly, I don't think this stuff will work. It's sort of huge.
So, faithful readers, tell me... What do you think I could do with it?


eva said...

How cool that you have my card thingy up! I might have to send you a photo of me if you'll put it up. If I had a printer I would have loved to do the same with my blog readers.
I can't see the headbands too well but they sound amazing. Do you tie them at the back of your head or use elastic or how do you do it?
I have a lot of studs too but have never found any use for them, what do you use yours for?
As for the D-ring tape hmm.. you could make funky legwarmers that lace up on the back! I like legwarmers because when you have boots on, people just think it's funky socks but in fact you're cheating hee he. But maybe they're too big for that too. Or add them to the back of a dress or coat that is too big for you as a lace up thingy to make it tighter or just for decoration. I have a top that has D-rings down the sleeve, but with no lace-up, only one row of them as a decoration.

Maddie said...

ooh i luv the corpse bride cardboard! u got taste. as for the black tape thingie it looks cool up on ur arm sort of eric draven-ish. i suppose u could also use it on the back of a plain shirt or maybe wrap it on a pair of black pants?!

Shana-Marie said...

Eva - I would totally put up a picture of you! I'll be putting up the headbands next week, and my studded projects this week.
I was thinking about legwarmers, but I'll likely put them on the back of a skirt. I remember in my last life I wore legwarmers to work one day, and all the girls were like "oh, I wish I could pull that off " and I just told them to man up and just do it.

Maddie - I love that poster, and have even made my little man watch the movie! He liked it btw.
I could just wrap them around when I wear arm warmers and such, because it is kind of a sexy look, isn't it?