Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's blog is brought to you by the colour black

Different naming convention I know, but still, I felt it worked for what I'm about to write.

This maybe a tiny bit goth princess, went to a photo workshop this weekend. I was really nervous about going, but I did, and I'm totally glad I stepped out of my normal comfort zone. Sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean most times, it's very worthwhile to get out of your normal zone.

Anyhow, I hopped on a train at 9am (which meant leaving home at about 8) and rolling into my destination at about 11. I had told our host, who was picking me up, that I'd be the chick with the pink hair, so when I clad in black (long black boho skirt, black Buffy staked Edward shirt, black lace studded collar) and with stripey stocking stepped out into the sunlight with my hair in a halo of pink.... well, she was fairly certain who I was.

Then we were at the workshop. There was a flurry of knowledge, and activity. We talked about our own goals and plans, and got specialized instruction based on our own goals. I now have a much clearer idea on how to handle the graphic part of my novel idea.

There is some gear that I'll be needing to get. A flash, a wireless remote, a cardboard box, and a couple lenses. But this will come in time. I don't want to spend too much money on this camera, since it is pretty entry level, but at least I've got ideas and thoughts.

I've got plans!

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