Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In which Shana sometimes hates being Canadian

***Unrelated header note, but I wanted to make sure I remembered to put this here. I'd like to direct people's attention to The Fantabulous LJ of Kyle Cassidy where he's put up a couple pics... because I'm feeling a little vain, and I TOTALLY love my 70's dress.... Anyhow, go here now

Back to the regularly scheduled post....***

Okay, I don't, not really. I love my country, and I love living here.

What I do hate though, is shipping things to Canada. There are a number of websites that have amazing deals on things I would love to get. And I'm often broke so I like to find a deal. Problem is, I tend to have an esoteric sense of style. In short, I don't like most of the things that normal people like.

I'm a geek, and I love it. I have the slightest of goth influence, and I love that too. More often than not, I need to go to the city (which by the by, I do not do enough at all) to shop, or cross the border (which I do almost NEVER) to buy the things I'd like to wear.

This counts for everything. Hair accessories, jackets, clothes, purses.... you name it, I'm sure I've got an Internet site where I can get it.

Here's the problem though...

Everyone gouges Canadians. And before I hear the argument that it's a pain for the seller too, I'd buy that, for larger items. I'll give you an example that shows me just how much BS it really is.

On ebay, I bought a deck of tarot cards. The price and the shipping ended up being the right price, even if the shipping was a little steeper than I'd hoped. Shipping was something like 8 bucks. When I got the package in the mail, guess what the cost for the shipping indicated it was? Something like 3 bucks.

And it's happened with other sellers, more reputable ones. Good Goth is another that comes to mind, where the shipping on the label was 2.75, yet I paid closer to 10 for it. Granted, I did get a pretty great deal on that, but that's not the point.

So, the other night, when I was looking at hair growth vitamins and the shipping was as much as the cost of the vitamins... well, you have to know that something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

For the Canadian, buying online winds up being a trap if what you're purchasing is a)crossing the border and b) more than $20. First you often get hit with higher than normal shipping and handling fees, and then you get hit with duty when it crosses. More often than not, you're not saving ANY money to make it worthwhile.

Thank heavens for J!NX and Shirt Woot for restoring my faith that not all companies are out to gouge we poor Canadians. Until I find more though, I'm just going to have to convince the hubby to cross the border with me, or my mother in law.... with out the planet in tow. I figure she can handle it if I want to go into stores like Hot Topic, which for all the negative attention it gets, this Canadian girl would love to check out.


eva said...

Oh wow I love the photo of you- and your outfit! The stripy socks go really well with that dress, and oh my god, I want that dress!!
I don't get why posting things from the US to Canada has to cost so much.. it's just across the border, it's not across the ocean or anything.

Maddie said...

wow the scokings are kinda tim burtonish, and u should do pigtails more often, and damn it i love the arm warmer(or is it called wrist warmer?) in the second pic. these things dont even exist in egypt.

and i can never get things on line because you pay twice as much for the shipping then you pay another fee when it reaches the docks. finding clothes is hell because most things are either slut outfits or plain ugly expensive junk.

Shana-Marie said...

Eva - I LOVE that dress. It was a second hand store find that I grabbed and haven't let go of! I actually jumped for joy when Kyle told me to put it on!
As for shipping, it just doesn't make any sense to me! Thank heavens for etsy and people who don't overcharge.

Maddie - I LOVE my stripey stockings! They are a huge staple in my wardrobe, and the only reason I like wearing shoes. I tend to call them armwarmers, and we have tonnes around here, I can send you some one day! I plan to make myself a set of lacy ones in the next little bit!

Anonymous said...

You also have to factor in the exchange rate. U.S dollars and Canadian dollars are not equal. $5 u.s would be what- $7, 8 Canadian.

Shana-Marie said...

Anon - with the exchange rate where it is, 5us is closer to 5.50 CA, but yes that is a factor that needs to be taken into account. With purchases under 100 with the rate that it's at these days, I tend to just pad my total a bit and I'm good with it. If it's over that, I'll look a little closer. But then again, if it's something I can get in Canada, I really avoid the internet if it's over 25bucks