Thursday, September 10, 2009

In which shana rants about stupid people

So, I've gone on the record before saying that my step father in law is a complete douche bag.

I am going to go on the record for that point again.

This weekend, as I blogged, my brother and the kids were down. Now, I love spending time with them, but I think it's SUPER important for my son to spend time there. Generally speaking, and this weekend was no exception, we go by for dinner the day they get there, and he spends the entire weekend there to maximize cousin bonding time.

When you think about it, they get 2, sometimes 3 weekends a year together. That, if assume they have 3 full days, at 24 hours a day, they get approximately 144-216 hours of time A YEAR together. This is including times that they're sleeping, so lets bring that down to 96 - 144 hours. This is something important to note for later.

This is also assuming that they have a full 3 days. Which sometimes they do, and often times they don't.

I wasn't sure what day they were going back up. I told my in laws that definitely Saturday and Sunday were out, because I wanted to make sure that there was time spent with the cousins, but I wasn't sure about Monday. I told them that worst case scenario, we could do coffee on the Holiday Monday.

We really don't talk much about this, until Sunday afternoon when we get a text message informing us that we're going for a picnic on Monday. The hubby responds saying "we'll have to let you know, we're not sure when Shana's brother is heading back home yet"

Pretty reasonable, when you consider that we told them that things were still up in the air on our end. Sadly though, the irrational happened. The Planet (step father in law. This is our nickname for him) starts laying a guilt trip into him. He says "I don't understand why it's a big deal, it's only a few hours".

The child only GETS a few hours with his cousins. He gets a few hours a WEEK with his grand parents.

And then he called us ungrateful, after everything they've done for us. The hubby finally sent a message to his mom saying "I'm not talking to the planet about this any further. I'll talk to you about it."

They ended up having a good discussion, and we got it nailed down. My bro was leaving in the early afternoon, we'd picnic after that. She asked that we not let the planet speak for her, because she understood.

Know what the best part was though? The stupid jerk didn't even come to the stupid picnic. I was SO tempted to send him a message saying "I can't believe you can't even spare a couple of hours for us. I don't understand what the big deal is. Your email will still be there, and it's just a few hours. Especially after we rearranged our day for you."

I really wish I had sent it.

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