Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Which Shana is a Curly Girl

When I go out with my hair in it's natural state, and not in a pony tail or buns, I tend to get complimented for it.

I used to think that people were just really dumb. Why on earth would anyone compliment my 'fro? No one would ever actually LIKE the frizz ball I call hair, would they?

Then I started an exercise. Basically, every time I let my hair curl, I pick out one curl. One that I like more than the others. I declare that curl my favourite curl of the day, and I make it a point to keep an eye on it. This way, even if I don't like the rest of my hair, or think it's gross or frizzy, I've got that one curl. One touchstone in my hair that I declare pretty.

It's not much, but it's a step.

Anyhow, based on the compliments I get I decided to talk about how I 'do' my hair.

Step one - I don't wash my hair often. If it's a hot summer, or I've gotten really sweaty so my hair feels kind of gross, I'll wash it 2 times in one week, but more often than not, I let it go for a week or more.

Step two - I brush it only when I wash and condition it. This means maybe once a week. Brushing breaks up the curl pattern, so I don't brush it.

Step three - When it's wet (and I wet it down every day, as I haven't found a product that actually 'wakes up' dry curls after sleeping on them) I apply a product. I have used cremes, mousse, gels, cream gels, cream spray, I rotate them, because hair adjusts to the products, so I have to adjust the product. But anyhow, I apply it when my hair is still wet. Then I tip my head forward, and scrunch it up to my head.

Sometimes, at this point, I'll take small sections of curl and twist it with my fingers. Then I'll clip them together, so they dry out a little bit, but not much. When I let them go my hair forms perfect ringlets. It's pretty smexy when I do that, but I have a lot of hair, so I don't do it often.

Step four - Sometimes I use a hair dryer to get the drips out of my hair. Hot heat, low blow, using a diffuser. Again, it's while my head is forward and scrunching my hair towards my head.

Step five - From damp to dry, I just let it do it's thing. Air dry without touching it.

And that's that. All in all it takes about 5 minutes or less from stepping out of the shower.

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