Friday, September 11, 2009

In which Shana goes back in Time

Last weekend one of the local(ish) radio stations were playing the top 200 new rock songs of the 1990's (as voted by the listeners).

It was great. I listened to a LOT of fairly mainstream music in the 90's (I still do, but there's a lot more non mainstream in there now) so there were so many memories of my teens that came right up and hit me in the face. It was great.

You know, even though things ended, I had a lot of great times with that group of friends, most of them involving The Apartment both bolded and italicized because, well, mostly because I feel like it. That's what it was, The Apartment. It's where my BFF of that moment lived with her 2 then 1 roomate. It's where I met my boyfriend. And it's where I got drunk for the first time without parental supervision.

I could go on at length about The Apartment but I suspect that I'll cover a lot of that when I get to that part of my life story. I will say this though.... those days, were alcohol soaked. There was often a lot of booze, and a kiddie pool in the dining room. These were the days when I thought nothing of taking off my shirt, though I never exposed more flesh than that. Never completely nude is what I'm saying. Though I did get my bra stolen once, and wound up borrowing someone else's bra who said that I could only wear it if I showed it off because it looked better on me.

Back to the music and memory lane though... On the one hand, it made me a little sad. A lot of bridges have been burned between then and now. I can't honestly think of anyone from back in that day that I still talk to. There are a couple on my facebook, but we don't really connect the way we used to. People grow up, and they grow apart. it's just part of life, but it is a little sad.

On the other hand, I'm kind of happy that I'm not in that place anymore. I don't think I could handle getting drunk every weekend, but I don't think I need to. While on the one hand, I wasn't the wall flower I am now, but I wasn't real. I was drunk. It was never ever me, now, while I don't have as much fun as I once did, at least I'm real. You know?

I'm not sure I'm making my point, but I think if I keep typing, I'm going to meander even further from it.


Maddie said...

i am happy to say i never got drunk in my life seeing as one of my worst fears is passing out in public!

but yeah teen years are filled with stories the good and the bad. its also funny how old songs can be a soundtrack to your life.

Shana-Marie said...

Passing out was never an issue. I had a higher tolerance to alcohol than my BFF, but we'd still go drink for drink. She'd pass out or puke her guts out, and by that point, it would feel weird for me to keep drinking, so I'd switch to water.

I get where you're coming from though. It would have sucked to have passed out with that group!

I used to put together a playlist ever year, 12 songs that seemed to sum the year up. I should start that up again!