Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In which Shana Dreams of Tattoos...

I wanna get ink.

There are a couple of reasons *cough* excuses *cough* that I have not gotten any as of yet. The first is I don't know any artists. I don't want just anyone putting shit under my skin. It's gotta be someone that I feel I can trust. I figure with the piercings I want to get, it'll help me scout out a location to get inked at.

The second is money. I hate the idea of spending that much money on myself. It's just, something that's very hard for me to do. I think if I had more disposable income, and less bills/mortgage and perhaps a job, I might have an easier time with it. Anyhow, a few times when the hubby has asked what I wanted, I've said a tattoo or a new hole and he's all "no, if you want them, you need to raise the money yourself".

I don't think it's that he disapproves, I just don't think he wants to be involved in something so permanent on someone else. I really can't say I blame him.

Anyhow, if you all will indulge me, I'll tell you of the tats that I want to get.

I want to get Cheshire cats on the tops of my feet. The Disney one on the left, and American McGee's on the right. I loved that game, and I love that cat. These tats, are really just a 'for fun' kind of one. A girl has to have some fun every now and again, right?

I also want to get a stylised portraitish where the wild things are image of my son on my forearm. Him in his kitty costume, because he is my super kitty, and even when he's old and wrinkly, that's exactly what he'll be.

Then there's the inside of my wrists. I'd like to have 2-3 runes tattooed to each wrist, depending on how big or small the artist can make them. I'm pretty sure that most anyone could do these, as runes are far simpler to do than Kanji and any tattooist out there has done at least 1 kanji tattoo. The runes I want are... Ansur, Ken, Wynn, Peorth, Sigel, Othel... I think... that may or may not change depending on when I go in.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a UV tat on my knuckles. I love the idea of having a tat there, but it's so, prison, and I'm far too straight laced to send off that kind of image. I think I'd like to have the tat say something like ROCKSTAR, not because I am one, but because I think everyone needs to feel like one. And if it's under my skin, how can I ever forget?

And the final one that I'm really planning has underwent a few changes, but the basic idea is the same. I want a dream catcher on my back, but I don't want a straight up dream catcher. I want it stylised all steamy, if you can imagine that. I'm also imagining it with wings on either side... I'm not entirely sure how it'll all go together, but this is the one that I think I need to be highly selective of my artist. It could be SO cool if done right, but if it's not, it could be uglier than anything! But this one is to always remind me that my dreams need to push me forward, no matter what they are.

So yea, that's the ink I want... thoughts, suggestions, got any tats or stories of tats that you'd like to share?

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