Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In which Shana dreams a dream

The other night, I had the strangest of dreams.

I dreamt I was on a city bus in the local city (ish) headed to my moms. There were a couple of gay guys on the bus in front of me, that wound up striking up a conversation with me. They were asking about local hot spots and places that they could take a date.

We got onto the subject of love, and how one of the fellas was trying to win back a former suitor, and asked me to show him around town.

I figured these guys were okay, so I went with them. As we approached the place they said they were staying, two guys turned into 4, and we were now in a dark alley (which doesn't actually exist in the city we were in) and they were trying to surround me.

I got a few quick punches and kicks in as I ran. I also know I managed to throw stuff and hit them with that, but they still caught up with me. But not before I'd gotten people's attention with my screaming and yelling.

Suddenly, there were about 20 cop cars there, and they kept me, and other women they'd kidnapped on a grassy hill while they rounded up the men.

So yeah, that was my dream.

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