Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In which shana deletes one entry to write another

Yesterday was a Canadian holiday, so I took the day off from blogging too.

I had another post queued up and ready to go, but I tossed that today after thinking about it. It wasn't quite what I wanted to say, nor was it what I want from this blog.

I am a mommy who blogs.
I have mommy blogger moments.
Overall, I don't think I'm a 'mommy' blogger.
But then, I am a Life blogger, and life does often get in the way of writing!

Anyhow, My brother and the girlfriend and the kids were down this weekend, and I was plagued by the idea of being super geek, yet at the same time being the 'cool' auntie.

I wasn't sure if I could do this, but I did what I could. In essence, I was me. I played, I hung out, I laughed and I was... relaxed. The kids all get along which is awesome, and there weren't many major mishaps. Though, I lent one of the kids my DSLite and now the top screen is cracked... so I'm rather pissed about that, but have no proof who did it or how it happened. (I figure it'll cost maybe 40 bucks or so to fix it, and I'll ask my brother to cover half of it. Seems fair to me)

My nephew kept calling me a nerd, and I kept asking if that was supposed to be an insult. All in all, while I knew we had fun, I still wasn't sure if I had pulled it off. I questioned it, but not so much to not have a good time...

Then we went to get slurpees. Now, about a decade or more ago, I picked up a habit regarding the straws for my slurpees. I get a spoon straw, then I stick a bendy straw inside of that. Two straws, one drink. Well, the kids got there first, and were getting ready to leave when they saw me with my drink and my straws. At this point, they ran back to get bendy straws to stick in their spoon straws.

And it hit me. I am the cool aunt.

Dual straws for the win!


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eva said...

Being a mommy who blogs is not the same as being a(n annoying) mommy blogger! It's nice to see that being a mum doesn't automatically turn women into silly pastel coloured house wife cup cake uhhh something. Also being a nerd is well positive! It means that you're clever and interested in things. It's only sounds bad because it's a word stupid people with no interests use in order to belittle people who are more intelligent and has more knowledge of specific interests than themselves ;)