Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On things borrowed and lent

I do not like lending people things.

It's my experience that things that get borrowed, or lent, often do not find their way back home to their rightful owner.

I know this on both sides of the fence.

I borrowed a book from a boyfriend, and still have them. I haven't seen him in years.

I lent a friend a book, one that I deemed VERY important (it was about tarot, and helped me open myself back up again) and I did not get it back. On the flipside, I borrowed a few books from her, and only gave half of them back. They're in the back of my closet.

A friend lent me his grandfather's camera. And I was not able to return it before life changed, and removed any opportunity to get it back to him via our social circles slightly overlapping. I really want to get rid of the damned thing. I hate having it around, but I don't know what to do with it.

My child borrowed several of my stuffed cats to sleep with. He now says they're his, and not mine.

And the hubby.... he's the worst. Because it's not just that he doesn't give my stuff back... because he does. But it's only after it's wrecked that I get it. No that's not true, he also loses them a lot. He's gone through something like 6 pairs of sunglasses, 5 CD's, Travel coffee mugs and various other things.

Why am I lamenting on this? I found my sunglasses, one of my favorite pairs, broken on the stairs this morning. I'd told him to stop leaving them there, because they were going to get stepped on. This is exactly what happened, and now I am sad about the loss of my sunglasses.

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