Monday, August 10, 2009

In which Shana wants moar readers

So, I love the readers I have. At least those whom I have dialogue with. Those who kind of fade into the background, I totally appreciate, while I am a little confused as to why you read...

Anyhow... I have a small, but absolutely FANTASTIC readership.

I'd love more readers though. I'd love to have a higher google page rank, or be a bitter technorati authority. And I'm sure there are ways I could do this. I'm sure I could change up the content of my blog and perhaps it'd take off.

But would the blog still be mine?

I'll do the occasional paid/sponsored post, and that doesn't quite feel like whoring my blog out... but writing things for the strict idea of ratings... well, that would feel like I was whoring it out. I could go on about sexual exploits with various men. Or the many girl crushes I've had (come on ladies, I'm sure you've all had one girl crush. Alyson Hannigan seems to be popular in the girl crush department). But that's just not me.

I know sex sells. And I have a rather vivid fantasy life, that I've often thought of putting down blog form... but I just don't think that kind of content belongs here.

I guess I'll have to drum up more readers the old fashioned way. Reaching out and talking to people


Sari said...

OMG Alyson Hannigan. *drools*

She's the freebie for Simon OR me. You know she's on Twitter right?

Hehe. =)

Princess of the Universe said...

It takes a lot of work to drum up readership - some people make it a full-time job, constantly commenting on posts and promoting themselves.

Good luck!

eva said...

The amount of readers blogs has or doesn't have sometimes surprises me. I've seen really boring fashion blogs with girls posing with totally mundane clothes and only writing about clothes and what they look like- and still have tons of comments on their boring outfits? And then I've seen interesting blogs that nobody reads or comment in.. I guess it's just about finding like-minded people and reaching out and treating it like a community thing.

About the people who read your blog without commenting;
I've found that a lot of my friends read my blog, but mostly only people who blog themselves bother to comment.

Maddie said...

i dont think you need to change your blog it is made to be your own zone. if you change it , it will be like real life when you have to fake a smile or lie to your boss about why you were late. keep doing what you do. i always check your blog and eva`s whenever im online. you guys either make me smile or nod my head in agreement

Shana-Marie said...

Sara - lol... she seems to be a freebie to SO many people I know!

POTU - Well.. I am between jobs, so maybe I should put forth more effort into it. But then, I'm pretty lazy!

Eva - I really do think it's more of a 'networking' thing than a content thing. Though, a blog with targeted content, i.e. fashion, will automatically have more readers. Not many people want to read life blogs... unless the life is endlessly interesting like mine! (*giggle*)
As for the comments... It's just a few people who were cut/cut themselves out of my life that still haven't let go, almost 3 years later. I can't quite wrap my head around that. But then again, I am endlessly interesting! ~.^

Maddie - No worries, the blog won't be changing any time soon. Though I am contemplating a make over for it. I like what I write, and like my mom always told me a few good friends (or readers) are better than a whole army of not so good ones!