Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Which Shana talks about her trip

So the perfectly random, somewhat spur of the moment unplanned trip this weekend wasn't completely terrible.

It was pretty rocky, but then trips with this portion of my hubby's family are.

I know I'm really being ungrateful. I know I should appreciate the fact that they want to do things with us, and want to take us on trips. I know I should...

It's just, I don't ASK to go anywhere. Hubby's mom kind of insists, and hubby feels bad saying no, even though he knows it's going to be a miserable time. And we do end up having some fun... just it's tempered with anger, and unbidden rage at stupid things that shouldn't happen.

Take for instance... The pool at the hotel. Swimming was a lot of fun, and it was awesome to see how good the little man has gotten at swimming. Along with that, was the fact that SFIL kept needling the hubby about everything from his choices in music, to hair, to clothes and even his singing voice.

Then, we went for a lovely hike and had a great picnic. Lovely views and some awesome mushrooms were viewed. There was even this one that was wicked cool and looked like it was straight out of mario bros. And the beaver dam! We got up close to an old abandoned beaver dam... All shortly after the fucker went through my purse.

Yeah, MIL, Hubby and I went into a grocery store. I didn't need anything in my bag, so I left it in the car with my camera. For whatever reason, SFIL and the little man needed to get out for a bit, so the camera was placed back into my bag, and then put under the seat. This, I was totally okay with, wasn't a big deal. There really isn't anything in my purse that I much CARE about anyone looking at. But then, just before going on the hike when I was leaving my bag in the car again, I hear him muttering to MIL about the fact that my passports were in the purse. Which they were... In a side zipped pocket. No way he could have known about it unless he unzipped the pocket to inspect.


And then he messed around with my laptop too. And constant arguing about everything from Duty free shops, to routes to take, and things that happened 3 years ago. Not to mention the times we were told that we had to be completely silent on the drive.

I just... I REALLY hate going anywhere with them... and by them I really mean him because he's just so darned persnickety. One of these times I'm just going to take a stand and say, "thanks but No thanks" even if the hubby decides that he's going to go.


eva said...

What does SFIL mean? And how old is this person? 6?? How rude to go through your stuff!!!! I would be furious.

Shana-Marie said...

Step Father In Law. He's closing in on 60.

The man is an utter control freak, I just didn't think he would sink THAT low!