Thursday, August 13, 2009

In which shana sings off key

I will sing in the car. I will sing in the house. I'll sing quietly in public when I don't think people can hear me. And I'll sing when I'm drunk.

These are the only times that I will sing in public save for one. Birthdays.

I've tried to simply mouth the words to happy birthday, but it's always obvious... and while people will turn a blind eye to my lack of prayer before a meal, they won't seem to let me live down not singing happy birthday.

Most people can't sing either, so you generally get a group of people who can't sing to sing happy birthday so far off key that it's barely recognizable. Really, I dread cake time simply because of the singing. Both for my own vocal cords and for my ears.

However... I will sing it for those I love. Strange... I'll subject those who I hold dear to my awful singing voice* on their special day, however I digress.

Today is a day that I've long tried to convince my son is a day he should buy me presents for, since I DID do ALL the work... however as I have not won, I'll still give him presents. Since it is his birthday and all.

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, smart little boy. I love you so much, and cherish each and every moment I have with you. I love that you'll still snuggle and cuddle me. I love that I can still con you into holding my hand by telling you how excited it makes me. I love the way you ask questions, and your vocabulary. I love the stories you tell and the games you create to make walks more interesting. I love playing video games with you, and how you totally own me at UT3 warfare.

I adore you little man, and I can't wait to see what kind of person you are yet to become.

*I have once compared my singing voice to that of a Siren Song... Though, rather sailors rushing towards it without looking where they are going... they smash their heads in to get away from the sound. Harsh, but not untrue.

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