Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In which Shana rants about game companies gouging the players

So, I enjoy playing WoW. It's just that simple. I find it quite fun, and plan to continue playing it. I just got my priest to level 70 and am very proud of this achievement. Big thing for me, to have mostly solo'd a priest (though honestly, the best and quickest levels I had were when I was questing with my friend, who is TEH awesome) to level 70.

If I want to keep leveling her, I need to get the expansion.

Okay, no huge deal, it's an expansion. Not a full game, but an add on. Adds some new cool shit, and areas. Definitely something I want to get.

Here's the catch. It's 50 bucks to get the expansion. I would find this hard to swallow with any game I was to get an add on for. Hell, I have a tough time spending 50 bucks on a brand new game with 100% original content. So to spend 50 bucks on a add on... is definitely a hard pill for me to take.

Especially when you add in the fact that I'm already paying approximately 15 bucks a month to play the darned game.

Lets add this up, shall we?

I got the original game for 40. I then got the first expansion for 50. I think all told, I've played the game for 8 months over the last 3 years, so that would be 120. All told, I've already dropped approximately 210 on this silly game. And now, I need to spend MORE money, in addition to the monthly fee, to keep playing?

I really have a hard time with this. Now, I understand that there are many infrastructure costs, and that it's not cheap to run all the servers necessary... but enough is enough.

I'd have an easier time if they gave me a free bloody month for buying the expansion, or something extra that wasn't just content. Honestly, the content isn't worth the added fee if you ask me. I really don't see myself spending the money myself.


Sari said...


$33 on Amazon. =) I can't help it, no matter how much it costs I'll keep playing, lol.

eva said...

It's expensive - but I know it wouldn't hold me back. When I played Sims, I bought all the expansion packs.

I had to delete the game from my computer in the end, though, in order to attend to real life..

EmberFaye said...

Yeah, def check thru amazon.. sure you can get it way cheaper.

Also, it's cheaper to pay for like 3 months at a time (what I did) Instead of 15 a month or whatever, it knocks a couple bucks off.

I caught my next renewal in time and canceled (was going to be processed on the 25th) and now I'm trying out LOTRO. But then, I had already lvl'd two toons to 80 and have about 4 other toons.. so, big time burn out. Northrend was exciting and fun tho when I first got it. I just get bored too easily, and I really don't like raiding.. so not much reason for me to keep playing it. At least Blizz keeps all your toons and info when you cancel, so if I feel the urge, can always sign up again later.

Shana-Marie said...

Sari and Ember - Heh... sadly the canadian amazon has it for 39, plus shipping which doesn't make it much cheaper!

I'll likely get back into it when I've got a job and feel like I'm contributing to my family again. I like that Blizz doesn't delete my data.

Eva - I know... I had a friend who was hardcore into the Sims... games aren't cheap, and I get it... I just don't have to like it! :-)