Thursday, August 27, 2009

In which shana dreams, wakes up and blogs

So I had the strangest of strange dreams.

As they often are, this one came in several parts.

The first I was at a party where someone died. One of the people there was investigating the crime. At first, it was someone else (as in not me) investigating, and I was hanging out with this woman and her small children. There was a small baby, and her big sister, maybe 3. I talked to them and played with them.

There was something about muddy foot prints on the carpet.

I also made some off hand comment about divorcing my husband that weekend, but questioned if it was going to happen. Because while unhappy, I was still quite deeply in love with him.

Then I became the investigator, offended a friend, and later apologized.

The second part was Christmas eve. I was filling baskets full of candy to put under the tree. There were 4 baskets that I filled. Once they were placed, I started to panic about not having done stockings, but my step father assured me that he had that covered already.

This dream took place in my mother's house.

The last part, I was at a party at my friend's apartment. Although it was not her apartment, it was rather similar to a house I lived in when I was 13. We had drinks and music. One guy I never met before gave a few of us this canned alcoholic beverage. Some kind of cooler. It was tasty, but some got spilled on the light coloured carpet. So one of my friends (not the apartment dweller) cleaned up the carpet. While getting supplies, we found a dead mouse floating in a sink full of water. We just left the mouse and cleaned the rug.

Then my psycho ex boyfriend shows up. I guess I was at the party with him, and he wanted to leave. He asked why I didn't know he had a headache. I told him it was because he hadn't told me. He started to go on about a psychic connection. I told him that I hadn't been open like that in years. That while the door wasn't completely closed, it takes a lot of yelling to get through it. The friend who gave me the drink said that made a lot of sense.

The psycho ex boyfriend then started flirting with another girl. I had a hearing aid in, and heard everything they said. It seemed like they had a relationship for some time now. I didn't care, and wound up talking to my new friend and various other people wearing star wars costumes.

And that, was the dream I just woke up from. Now I have to shower and dress, because we have to leave the house in less than 30 minutes.

***edited to add***

I missed a couple other parts.

One part was at a water park. It was one that had one of those surfing waves. It was pretty cool. My brother (but not my real brother, he was a fake dream brother) was into the surfing part. I hung out on the lazy river and tried to keep my hair dry. Even in my dream I wanted to keep the pink safe.

And before that one, I dreamed I was on the front lawn of my old high school at night. A lot of people I knew were there. We talked about my son, and how I planned to dye his hair blue when we finally cut it. We talked about what kind of dye to use, and someone (the girl who used to be my very best friend) told me to just get some Manic Panic from the drug store. I told her that I didn't think that stuff was worth the price. I told her that I'd rather go to a near by town and get another kind. I showed off my pink locks and that mine have lasted bright fuchsia for the last 2.5 weeks, and haven't showed any sign of fading just yet. She pointed to another girl who also had pink hair, and said that she used Manic Panic and that her's looked fine. Her hair was salmon pink. I just nodded and said I was going to stick with what I had.

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