Friday, August 14, 2009

In which I cannot find my bloody scissors

I've lost it.

And by it, I mean them, because I can't find my stupid scissors.

I had an idea today. I was going to take some lace, and come stretchy cottony lace like fabric and some ribbon and make some super sexy arm warmers.

First thing was to draw the pattern. Done. Then, I just needed to cut the fabric.

So I look around... and I can't find my sewing scissors. So I decide that since it's not tough fabric, that maybe I can use some of the kitchen scissors. Those are mia as well. I check the craft drawer, for the craft scissors, and they're gone too.

There are no scissors anywhere in my house to be found.

I am at a total loss. And I don't want to drop another 10 bucks on another pair of sewing scissors! Any ideas where they could be? I've checked the freezer, all the craft/electronic/makeup/kitchen drawers.... I just can't crack where I lost the stupid things.


eva said...

My scissors does the same. I bet they hide with the socks and usb leads and keys and whatnot that also goes missing from the house.. You need to get some pictures up of the stuff you make! Didn't you make a skirt too? I can't remember seeing it.

taurusrising said...

I can NEVER find my scissors when I need them, too! I keep buying them and losing them!