Friday, July 31, 2009

In which Shana talks makeup

I have a lot of make up.

I've gone on about it before, but since then I've gotten 3 more eyeliners, and 25 more shadows.

The latest, a couple of eyeliners from ELF ( The one I tried out today (and by today, I actually mean today, as I ran out of posts that I wrote last week) is Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black.

The short review is that I like it. It goes on just like you'd expect, like ink. It's smooth, and leaves crisp lines. And it goes on in a snap. No need to dip it back in the pot to get more. It's just there.

While I like it, it's not quite enough to replace my MAC liquidlast liner or my new Smashbox gel liner (which by the way is fast becoming my favorite liner), but I sincerely think it'll be a great addition to my purse. Since I do tend to have more makeup in my purse than most people have in their entire makeup drawer.

I'd recommend the ELF stuff to someone who's looking for an alternative to cheap drugstore brands, but still not quite prepared to move into paying for the expensive makeup counter stuff.

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