Thursday, July 2, 2009

In which Shana realizes that she could have...

I could have talked about our anniversary dinner date.

Silly me didn't think of it, or was blocking it out... not sure yet. Here's the story, you tell me.

First, after not being able to find something new to wear, I ended up pulling this out of my closet (linked because I'm too damned lazy to upload it). I'd had a panic attack earlier in the day, sobbing and freaking out and the like.

I'm a mess when I'm menstrual, or sort of menstrual. Long story, I'm sure I'll explain it at some point.

Anyhow... Hubby talks me into getting dressed and going out. He promises me that the night is all about me and doing what I want to do. He made reservations at a local steak house, and it was lovely, but he really wanted to go to a Brazilian BBQ, so we went there.

Sadly he won't pay for parking, so we end up parking a good 10 minute walk away. Normally this would be okay, but I was dressed pretty like and had shoes that were not suited to walking. This sparks a fight, and I end up taking off on him in the middle of the city.

A while later, he picks me up and we end up going to the place he made reservations for. We have dinner, dessert and wine. It's lovely. We're carefree and having a great time. Then the bill comes, and he freaks out because it's more than he had planned for...


we don't argue, but I now feel bad since I realize that he didn't budget my cheese cake or glass of wine into the equation.

Then, we go for coffee, which we drink at home and finish watching battlestar galactica.

I'd say it was a successful night, since we only fought once, I only had one panic attack, and I got to eat lobster.

And I was told that I was making a mistake to be marrying him. pfahh! No one else would ever put up with as much of my bull shit, nor would anyone else put up with his. We're perfectly suited!

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eva said...

I love your skirt! Hormones can be hell.

I wouldn't feel bad about the cake and wine if I was you - I would have thought to myself that I deserved it. But that's me.