Monday, July 27, 2009

In which Shana needs new earrings

I've been unintentionally stretching my earlobes for years.

Basically, my lower holes had a pair of hoops in them. You know those really annoying ones that the pin slots inside the rest of the hoop. They're cute, but they're so bloody hard to get in and out, so I opted to leave them in. Then one Christmas my mother got me a set of 3 of them. One by one, I added these three to the first pair, so I was up to 4 pairs of earrings in this one hole.

Eventually I ended up with a total of 7 pairs in the lower lobe hole. I can't wear most studs in these holes anymore, because they'll just fall through. Not all of them, but a lot.

I decided that after close to a decade with all these earrings in my head (There was a period of time I had taken them out since I started... but it's been at least 10 years I've had them all in) I decided I was bored and needed a change.

So I took the earrings out and decided to shop. I want something that's chunky and funky and utterly different. I think I've settled on this pair from giovannagoraggio. (check out her blog too, she's got some lovely art work there)

This lead me to have to figure out what size holes I have. I mean, I've never gotten my ears professionally gauged, it's all just been generic earrings in my ears. The hubby's grand idea? to stick a headphone jack through my lobe and see how it fit. It went through with room to spare, so we figure I'm about a 6g (4 mm-5/32")

Got any recommendations for any other punky funky chunky jewelry?


Maddie said...

hmm, well u can get a pair of earings that just clip on ur ear no holes need or you can pierce an eyebrow i dont know about you but i think they`re real sexy

eva said...

Awww woow they are gorgeous! I'll let you know if I find something. You know, you can get polymer clay and make your own! The brands are either fimo or sculpey, and you get them in craft shops. You can get them in loads of colours, like purple, black, turquoise, pink.. and just roll them and shape them into kick ass stuff. It's not that expensive so you can afford to make some mistakes before you get it right.
It's really easy to sculpt with and they bake in the oven till they're rock hard. You could make them so that they would fit your perfectly, and if you want, you can decorate them with acrylic paint. It's what the earrings you want to buy are made from. You could try to copy them.

I'm getting all excited, I'm such a diy-person :P

Shana-Marie said...

@Maddie - There's a few piercings that I'd like for my ears, though I am toying with a nose piercing!

@Eva - I may try that out at some point... I've found my right ear hole is smaller than my left, so I'm trying to make them a little more even before I get into funky earrings!