Monday, July 20, 2009

In which Shana hates her cats.

Not the kittens, they're still great. Growing little weeds, and I'll get more pictures of them soon. They're developing their little personalities too.

But back to the big cats, the ones that I'm currently hating.

Slushy likes to sleep on my chest or my back. She seems to enjoy the rise and fall of my breath and relaxes into sleeping quite happily as long as I don't move much.

Tigger likes to sleep in the bend of my knee. I often have my legs in the shape of a 4 and she'll sleep in that lovely triangle. If I move even a little, she'll bolt.

But this is where the cats like to sleep. Separate, but sharing the same human. And normally this works for them.

Unless it's a night like last night. A night where one got on my chest, the other got on my legs... and proceeded to get into a cat fight. The little jerks kept jumping on each other. Not once. Not twice, but THREE damned times these stupid cats fought ON TOP of me.

Know what the best part is? Now that I'm up and not trying to sleep. They're getting along. Snuggling and cleaning each other.

I think they're just screwing with me.


Carolyn said...

Yeah, cats'll do that. Screw with your mind, treat you like an object. I prefer dogs, dogs love you and treat you like a god. I love to be adored.

In the bad old days when we had a cat, Emmma would sleep on my hip, and I'd wake up in the morning barely able to move. It's hard to believe how heavy that little black cat used to get.

I think she'd do some kind of magic trick, I'm not a witch, but Emma sure looked like she could do magic - beautiful glowing yellow eyes.

I am definitely a dog person, not a cat person.

Shana-Marie said...

Cats are evil, but I love them because I feel like I can leave them at home all day if necessary, and they'll be okay.

Dogs are great, but they need so much more love and care!

I'm sure we'll have a dog in the next year or so too... who knows!

eva said...

Cats are low maintenance.. and they have hilarious attitudes and personalities. I wish I had a cat that would fuck with me and leave cat hairs in my bed tee hee. They are well annoying but it's a nice annoying.