Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In which Shana bends to pressure

Between being in terrible head space and WoW and work, I've not taken the time to update here, and for that, I am deeply apologetic.

That said, I don't have a lot to say. I've not done much, other than level my Priest, whom I think is just the height of awesome, worked a lot, cried a fair bit, and um, yea that's about it. It's been rather boring in Casa del Shana of late.

So, rather than writing a post that meanders and really says nothing, I'll bow to popular demand I will show you my kitties. They're huge! But then again, they're 3.5 weeks old.

They all have code names right now. We're not sure which one we're going to keep (or ones if the boys get their way) and which we're giving away, and we also don't know what they're really like yet, so it just wouldn't be right to name them until then, right?

Anyhow, there are two girls and one boy in this little brood. Going from top to bottom...

The first kitty is named a girl, and she's code named Harvey. This doesn't seem to make any sense to people who are not me, but here's the rationale. She's got a black head and a grey body. In essence, she's a two tone cat. I couldn't call her two face, because she's not, but I can call her Harvey, like Harvey Dent. If you're still not sure who I'm referencing, I highly suggest checking out Batman.

The next one down is a boy, and he's code named SJ, or Slushy Junior. Hubby named this one, simply because his colouring is very much like Slushy's.

And last but definitely not least is the last little girl, code named Trouble. We thought, and by we, I mean I, that she was going to be trouble based on how adventurous she was. She's not trouble, and she's the most mild mannered of all of them.

So yea, they're doing great, and Slushy's been pretty good with them, though she is being a little weird. We've taken to calling her Lester Molester, simply because she's been holding the kittens down and forcibly licking them... but other than that, they're lovely!

Thought I'd finish up with a picture of mom too, since she's the whole reason they're here!


eva said...

Thanks for posting kitten pictures, aww, they're SO cute! Slushy Junior has a funny expression hee he.

Don't worry about the force-licking though, it's perfectly normal, and only shows that she's being a good mother. Why do you think there's no kitten poo around? When forcibly licking, mommy cat stimulates the release of pee and poo.. and uh, mommy cat "cleans" it up. Blargh. I'm sure you thought diapers were bad enough when little man was a baby.. but at least you didn't have to eat his shit.. lol.

Shana-Marie said...

Tigger's momcat, we know what she's doing when compulsively licking the kitties.

Slushy's the christmas kitten, who's only relation to the kitties is the fact that they share a house.

When Tig licks them, they're happy and don't need to be pinned. They dont' like slushy, so she has to hold them down, and bite at their legs to make them stay so she can lick them too.

I sincerely think she's trying to help, but the kittens start shrieking, and Tig's starts getting stresed...

And yes... I"m eternally grateful that I am not a cat, lol!