Monday, July 13, 2009

In which I'm asked a question and give an evasive response

The other night I was asked "so what is there that I don't already know about you"

Okay, that's not quite a direct quote, but the gist of it is there.

And it got me thinking. I blog about my life all the time. I'm a life blogger. It's just what I do. And I tweet all the time too, up to and including crazy life stuff.

On the one hand, a lot of this is a lot about me... but is it everything? Is my whole existence, everything about me, here?

But then I think, I live mostly online. I rarely talk to people in real life, and I have a habit of avoiding social contact. Take for instance later this month. A friend of mine is celebrating her birthday at a Thai restaurant. I love Thai food, and I quite like this girl.

But will I go?

Probably not.

But do you know what I will likely be doing?

Something on the Internet. Maybe talking to someone on MSN, or tweeting, or blogging or all of the above. That's where my money is.

I think I lost the original point of this post somewhere in my ramblings.

Umm... but before I close it off... dear readers.... do you think you know the real me based on my blog?


eva said...

Groups of people can be hard work, I find that I get sort of tired and can't concentrate on what anyone is saying when there's too many people.

I do get a feeling of knowing you when I read your blog - is it an illusion? I don't know. It doesn't feel like it.

Shana-Marie said...

I've been thinking. At first, I thought it was upsetting that someone could know me based on reading my blog, thinking that made me terribly one dimensional.

I'm realizing that's simply not the case.

I am FAR more myself, and more natural in the blog or on twitter. I'd say you know me better than the people I used to call friends.

I think it's a matter of comfort. When I'm not faced with people... I can be more open, and honest than when I am.