Friday, July 17, 2009

I guess this could tie into step 3...

I'm going out tomorrow.

After I get my hair done (yaay!!) and quite possibly after I shop with my mom (less yaay, since shopping here sucks, and my mom doesn't like me being monochrome) we're going out for dinner and drinks with a friend of the hubby and his new girlfriend.

I'm excited, because I strongly feel that every girl needs to go out after getting her hair done. Just to show off, you know?

I'm dreading this though. First off, because I'm going out. This always gets me a little frazzled. Last time hubby and I went out, I had a panic attack so bad that we had to pull off so I could fix my make up when I finally calmed down.

Second, because the girlfriend will be there. I don't know anything about her. Well, I know one thing. She's dating the friend.

The third thing that's freaking me out, and I guess it's also something else I know about her, is that we have to quiz her.

I guess it's something her friends do. They quiz all mates to determine compatibility. All we have to do is ask silly questions like "dogs or cats" or "green or yellow", but I don't know the friend well enough to really take this seriously.

And I don't know if she's taking it seriously, so I don't know what the heck to do about this. I'm guessing it's just a silly game, and I"m going to approach it like that, but I'm still absolutely convinced I"m going to make an ass of myself.

Thankfully they have to be on the train home by 1050, so it'll only be 4 hours that I have to suffer through. And thankfully, that won't be enough time to get drunk, like I tend to do with this friend.


eva said...

How weird that you have to quiz her!
At least it's something to keep you occupied so you won't have to think of stuff to say as much. I find that it's easier to be around people if we have a mission.

Shana-Marie said...

I wound up not quizzing her, because I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't even think she was the one who wanted the quiz, I think he wanted us to do it so we could be friends with her friends...

I was rather quiet and unsure of myself, so I still have no idea how it went.