Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Shana is half the woman she used to be...

I can't count the half written and mostly unwritten blog posts I have.

More often than not, if I have less than 3 sentences, I just delete it and hope to start over at a later date. If I have more than that, it just gets saved as a draft post in the hopes that one day I will come back to it and perhaps finish and post it.

Sometimes I do, others I delete it thinking that it's past it's prime, and others, i just change the date on it so I don't forget it.

Such is what has happened with the chastity post, a post about it not being all about me and a post from earlier today, about religion. But as with many other posts, even this one, I got sidetracked and just haven't gotten back to it.

Take this post for instance, I started writing this at about 7, and it's now almost 9 that I'm back to writing it. And here is why I tend to not write creatively anymore. I get sidetracked and move on without completing my task.

Fortunately I have finished this post, and I'm thinking about finishing the religion post and posting that tomorrow. Who knows though, I may end up sidetracked.

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