Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In which Shana uses a thin viel to cover her words

I've decided that I sort of like titling these in the third person. I'm sure there are some out there that this will drive nuts, but I just smile and say, my blog, my rules.


There's this woman I know... She's a real piece of work. She does nothing but complain about everyone and everything to everyone possible. Every job she has ever worked at, she's caused problems with all her complaints about everyone else.

To her, the world is made up of bitches and assholes. She's just perfect, why oh why would everyone else be so awful to her?

Case in point... she's got a neighbour who at one point before she purchased her house built a fence and secured it through the siding of her house. Instead of going over there, and trying to come to an amicable solution... she went to city hall, who is now suing this guy to get her the money to fix the siding that they wrecked.

Another case... at work, and this is where she has the most trouble because she has no friends, she complains to the higher ups all the time about the smallest infractions. She even went so far as to write an 8 page letter about someone. And she WONDERS why no one likes her.

I'm not saying she should keep her mouth shut when things don't go how they should... but maybe try being reasonable, and TALKING about it.

I really just wonder... when is she going to realize that it's not the world that's at fault... it's her.

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