Thursday, June 18, 2009

In which Shana Laments about interviews

So, I was supposed to have an interview yesterday.

That sort of fell apart when on Tuesday I was called by the manager who stated that her AM decided to not quit, and as she's already in the role, they were going to keep her on staff. She was very kind and apologetic, but at the same time, wasn't going to bring me in.

I can't say I blame her. I mean, it just makes more sense to keep her on. And I greatly appreciate the fact that she called me to tell me before I tore my life apart trying to get there on time, while having to work an 8 hour day at my current job.

She's going to keep my resume on file though, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

And it got me thinking. I know hiring managers are pretty busy, so I don't expect a response from every resume I send out, but a response from the interviews I get would be appreciated.

Like when I interviewed for the hotels a few weeks back... they sent me a letter saying "thanks but no thanks" and while it sucked, I thought it was nice that they at least gave me the time of day. At least I didn't hang on for weeks and weeks hoping...

And that's what happens with most hiring managers... They're so wrapped up in what they're doing that they don't even think about the people that they're passing by.

So, I appreciate the fact that this manager took the time to call me before I even went out to let me know what was going on. And I believe all the more that she will keep my resume on file should something else open up.

Oh and also... this means I'm going to call my stylist. Boo-Freakin-ya

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