Monday, June 8, 2009

In which I am our cat's safe place

Our cat is pregnant.

I should say was, because they're not pregnant after they have the babies, right?

Last time she was preggers, it was a catastrophe. We tried to keep her out of a few places like under the dresser, and that's the only place she wanted to deliver, so in the end, she did deliver, but long after she should have.

I cleaned the mess up with tears on my face.

This time, we were just going to let her go where ever, though earlier this week I blocked off the places I wanted her to avoid, simply put, I wanted to avoid temptation before it became an issue.

I knew she was going to deliver soon, but I didn't think it would be yesterday. I really didn't think that when I sat down on the couch in the morning to eat breakfast and watch cartoons that the babies were coming.

Tig, and that is her real name, sat down on me and all was well. I knew she was close because she stopped beating on slushy, and was loving belly rubs. Then the contractions started.

Absolutely prepared to let her deliver where ever she felt safest, I didn't move.

They contractions got stronger, and she started to yowl and hiss. You could tell that it was going to happen right then and there.

I was fully prepared for her to deliver wherever she wanted. I was not prepared for her to deliver on me. I'd had it in the back of my mind that this could happen, I just hadn't accepted that it would, but there I was, awash in blood, fur, kittens and afterbirth. And as gross as it was, it was touching to find out that in all the places she could have run and hidden... I am Tigger's safest place.

She delivered 4 little baby cats safely. Pictures to come later, maybe later today, after work. both of my cameras were in Montreal.


eva said...

That is a total cat compliment, how sweet! She must trust you SO much! My dad's cat once got kittens in the back of his car. He discovered as he was half way to work (it took him nearly an hour to drive to work..) when he heard meeeowing from the back seat..

and once she got kittens in my bed. I was so tired when I discovered that I just curled up in the other side of the bed :P

Shana-Marie said...

I'm totally flattered... now that I've cleaned up.

Cats are awesome with how they decide where they're going to deliver!

It's awesome that she brought them to you after she got home, your cat must have trusted you too!