Saturday, May 30, 2009


I didn't get a picture of it. I'm not sure if anyone else did either. Perhaps my brother, but I'm not sure and he and his camera are now up north far from here.

I'll keep looking, and if necessary, perhaps I'll put it on again, though, I was pretty rough on it last weekend. The whole, chasing children around most of the weekend.. yea, kind of hard on stuff.

I love those kids... they're just so much fun to be around. I worry though, because my niece is the oldest of the bunch, and I think she's 10 now... I'm just not sure how much longer she's going to PLAY with them.

And my birthday, came and went without a hitch. We went out for dinner, and I had Thai food and it was yummy. Not much more to tell really. I didn't have to work which was a bonus.

And facebook.... someone told me that I need to change my style because it's outdated, and that I'm punky.

I wonder if they know who they're talking about. I'm decidedly not punk. I'd like to be, but until I reach my goal weight, I'm not putting much into my clothes. So it's mostly tshirts and jeans, which is both timeless and outdated at the same time. They also told me to lighten my hair, which I had to laugh at. when my stylist even commented that I couldn't go much lighter...

I don't know... but it's a clear indication why I'm not a huge fan of facebook, and why I cull my friends list there all the time. It's just a bunch of people who don't really know you pretending to be connected to you.

I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a slave to fashion or current style trends. I don't waste my time on that crap because fashion is the kind of thing that if you blink you'll miss. I'd rather not have to replace my wardrobe every year, thank you very much.

And, once I reach a weight where I don't feel like a fat pig, I will be going on something of a shopping spree... out with the old and in with the new. And if my 'style' still doesn't fit the conventional norms, well, so be it.

ranting done, I need to get back to WoW before I get killed by Highland Raptors....

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Rex Venom said...

Yes, one must be careful to not get too caught up in one's rants, eh?
Rock on!