Monday, May 11, 2009

Riddle me this...

Is the world really that dense?

I really don't consider myself all that smart. I'm not saying I'm dense or stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm not a genius. When I'm in a group of people, I'd generally put myself in the middle range of intelligence.

Anyhow... when I was training at the call center, I was quicker than most of the others who were training with me. I chalked most of this up to the fact that I had more experience in more areas of the industry than them.

I mean, a lot of these people had gone to school, they had DEGREES or were working towards one... and here was me, I graduated high school with a solid 78% average and shortly there after, I was pregnant.

In short, I'm rarely the smartest one in the room.

So today, when training is set to commence for my new work from home job I was expecting that if I could quickly and easily dial into and access the meeting, that the other 3 women would be able to as well.

Needless to say this was not the case. We did not train today because I was able to get in fine, another woman was able to get in, but she didn't know how she did it and the other two just couldn't do it, no matter how hard they tried. The woman who did get in, didn't understand why she was looking at a screen she'd never seen before... I had to explain that in the web meeting, we could see the moderator's screen.

So here I was, in a situation I've been before, but still not quite grasping it.

I was the smartest cookie here. So I have to ask, are there really that many unintelligent, not so smart, under schooled people out there?

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eva said...

mahaha! YES there is!! also, the fact that someone has gone to college and has some sort of education doesn't mean they're smart. it just means they've been to college and has an education .. :P there's no iq test to get in.