Monday, May 4, 2009

If I were a little Miss/Mister Character, I'd be Little Miss Fake

I went out on Saturday night. This is a huge rarity for me. That whole, Shana doesn't have friends to go out with thing and all.

Anyhow, I've known the guy for a few years though we haven't talked much the last couple, and I've chatted with the girl online a bit, and have met her once...

Yea..this puts Shana into the awkward place of shyness.

generally, these situations can only go one of two ways for me. the first is I clam up and don't say a damned word the entire time I'm out. The second is, I fake it. I fake being friendly, gregarious, and generally sociable. Since I did the inviting... you could imagine how it went.

That's right, I faked it. I was loud, and talkative and pretending to be outgoing. Oh how I wish I could be REALLY like that and not feel like such a fraud all the time.

Oh well, it was fun to get out and talk to other people after sequestering myself in my basement for the last year or more. We watched Twilight, and it was about as bad as I thought it would be. I still want to read the books though.

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