Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I want a DSi.

This is a plain and simple fact. It's got new cool features, and it's shiny and pretty and.... I want one.

There are 3 reasons I am not getting one right now. The first being the price. It's still a little too high, and I'm not prepared to pay the premium for it, yet. The second being the fact that I just got myself a pretty little gadget. Tink is awesome by the way. And the third and final reason, is the colour. Yes, I am that shallow. I will not get the DSi until I can colour coordinate it with my other accessories. Meaning, I'd have to come in either pink, to match the Zen, red/crimson to match my phone, or purple... because I like purple. Either way, I'm generally not too hip to having flat black toys (yes, I know Tink(er bell) is Black, but she matches Twoie)

Anyhow, all things aside, while looking into and fawning over the DSi, I stumbled upon r4i, and I started thinking to myself, how on earth have I never heard of this before?

I mean DUDE, how have I not? Granted, I do tend to carry my life in my purse (quite literally sometimes) so whilst I don't generally LOSE game cartridges, I do have a 7 year old who's got a DS lite of his own and I'm terrified of HIM losing game cartridges.

No seriously, I have had panic attacks at the thought of him taking my games out of the house.

Anyhow, the r4i can back up the games, and it can even take things like SD/flash memory cards, which is terribly awesome to me, meaning that you can have lots of games/movies/ebooks/pictures etc. on it.

The only downside to the r4i is that the one for the DSLite is not compatible with the DSi. Seriously though, since the child isn't getting a DSi anytime soon, I'm seriously considering getting one for him at the very least.


eva said...

tee hee, gadget girl! i love gadgets too, but sadly can't afford them. my laptop is ten years old,. and it doesn't even belong to me, it belongs to my boyfriend :/

r4 ds karte said...

I like this product of R4 and i would like see it's more screenshots and details.
And if i like i will definitely purchase it.

Kristanna said...

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