Wednesday, May 6, 2009


the hubby and I are arguing.

I know, what else is new, lol.

But this time, it's supremely stupid. You see, I have a new job starting on Monday... at least that's when the training starts. Anyhow, it's working from home, which is a huge bonus.

There's a downside though.

I have to move Twoie. For those who don't know, Twoie is my computer, Princess Two, or Twoie for short. I do not want to do this. She's heavy (she's got two huge video cards, and a ginormous powersupply), two monitors (a 20 and a 22) and she barely fits on my big desk.

Also, I don't have a network cable to get her upstairs. Honestly, I don't even know how I'd run it... I hate going through the flooring.

So, the solution, get me my Wind. The netbook I've been drooling over for the last year. She'd be perfect. she's got all the specs necessary, she's light, and she wouldn't need to have a network cable run... sadly though, it'll cost a lot of money to get her right now. Money we don't really have.

Gah... I REALLY want to get it... I just can't justify it right now. I wish I could.


Chaos Knox said...

Interesting blog. You have pretty eyes.

Shana-Marie said...

Thank you, on both counts. I hope you come back again soon!