Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter Everyone!

I'm fairly certain that my son still believes in the Easter Bunny.

This morning, as he followed his trails of chocolate eggs to find his Easter treats (a couple of transformers, and some chocolate/candy) his eyes lit up with joy and amazement when he found this one treat that he'd wanted. He was shocked that he got it.

I love that about him.

Now, since I've been away for so long (I've just been down on myself about losing the job and such...) I'll tell you two of my fav. Easter stories involving my little man.

The first was the first year we'd lived in our house. He was going on 2 and we did our now traditional trails. Instead of him following the candy to find the prize... he complained about the mess and cleaned it up as he went. All morning it was "Mess mess mess... someone made a mess!"

And the second was a few years ago. He hadn't quite figured out how to say CHOCOLATE so he'd say CHOL-LOCK-A-LIT. It was the cutest thing ever!

Anyhow, this year we kind of went overboard on the eggs and we ended up having a large mixing bowl full of them. They ended up lasting for a while. So, a couple of months after Easter, we still have them. We've got friends over this one night and he keeps sneaking down to sneak chocolates.

He wasn't very sneaky then. (although he isn't very sneaky now either) so I kept catching him.

Eventually, he stopped sneaking down the stairs. Me being a mom and wise to shenanigans... go up stairs, and find he's got the whole bowl of chocolate in bed with him. His face is covered in chocolate, and he's got foil wrappers all over the place... and yet, he denied it.

So I take the bowl with me and keep it in my line of sight so he can't steal it again. And the friends have some. I don't, because I don't like cheap chocolate. It's like eating candles. But the next morning, I caught hell from the child because other people were allowed to eat his chollockolits when he wasn't.

I love my son. And that's the end of that blog

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eva said...

ha ha awwww, he sounds so cute!
it's well funny that he denied eating the chocolates, when found in bed with chocolate wrappers, the bowl and a face covered in the stuff...