Saturday, March 14, 2009

teh make up snob

So... I've been making friends with someone lately. As it tends to with girls who aren't used to being girly, the topic of conversation turned to make up.

now, we all know that I'm something of a makeup nut. I like to wear it. Previously, I'd just buy whatever shit was on sale at the Walmart make up counter.

Not so much anymore. These days, I've stepped up my snobbery, and won't use that stuff anymore. It's all MAC or purchases from Sephora. I've also been known to purchase lots of mineral pigments from Ebay. I love mineral pigments. they go on as light or as vibrant as you want.


how does this make me a snob? Well, lets get back to the friend that I've been chatting with. She was asking me for make up advice, and asking what to get. I asked if she was using liquid eye liner, or Kohl... she said a pencil... then indicated she was thinking about getting a liquid liner.

She said she was looking at one by Wet n Wild.

I cringed.

Now, it's not BAD make up. It's just cheap. It's not something I'd put on my face anymore... but to CRINGE? That's pretty awful.

Granted there was a time where I once did have a fascination with cheap make up. Honestly though, it's because I was pretty broke, and couldn't afford the good stuff. But damn... I didn't realize how snobbish I'd gotten.

I was honestly tempted to bring her to the MAC counter with me, and show her the good stuff. Maybe I still will...

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eva said...

ha ha! bring her to the mac counter;) i'd rather have a few good products than a pile of rubbish ones. sometimes it's good to be a snob. i love mineral make-up, it's ace with stuff that doesn't have tons of nasty chemicals in them.