Saturday, March 28, 2009

panic at the tower!

So, it was almost 8 years ago that I started out in a call center. I worked at the same center for just over 6 years, then took a 13 month break before starting at another one. Before that, I worked in a coffee shop for 8 months.

I guess you'd say that for most of my working life was spent in a call center. It's a venue that I know all too well how to excel in. I've worked so many different roles that I know pretty well all of the ins and outs.

Sadly though, I was pretty jaded after leaving my long term job. It was harsh, and very upsetting and totally necessary.

And now... Wednesday marked my last day in that industry... Monday marks the first day in a new industry. Monday I embark on something new... something unknown... something completely and totally frightening!

Then I came to realize something. Earlier this month I blogged about my tarotscope and the tower. It got me to thinking... was THIS what the tower was talking about?

Why yes, I believe it was.

I'd built a life around the call center industry. It was all I knew, and all I thought I could excel at. It was the only thing I KNEW I could do well.

And now, I'm tearing that down so I can finally rebuild my life without my past hanging over me. I can finally move forward.

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