Friday, March 27, 2009

My now former job...

So last night I called my manager, and left a message asking her who I'd talk to about quitting.

She called me back a few hours later to ask what was going on. I told her I'd gotten an opportunity that was too good to turn up.

She asked what it was, and I explained it.

She asked if it was steady days with weekends off, and I agreed.

She told me that I was in a good position to get a better shift, that I was the kind of employee that they did not want to lose. She then asked me if there was anything that they could do to keep me. I said probably not.

She told me that I would likely be hired for anything that came up as far was job openings. I told her what they were going to be paying me. She thanked me for her time, I complimented her call center and management.

We agreed that I would come in today to drop off my letter of resignation and swipe card.

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