Saturday, March 7, 2009


I haven't been at work since Tuesday. Which is both teh suck, and teh awesome at the same time.

The little man's been sick. Sinus/cough stuff. He's been up half the night half the week.

The hubs' eye has been bothering him. He's got a condition that I can't recall what it's called, where his eye starts to get irritated to the point where he's incredibly photosensitive, and it hurts to move/blink.

So, mix a 7 year old who's not self sufficient enough to get himself dinner and to bed, with a man who acts like a 7 year old and stays in a dark room all day since Wednesday... Well you end up with a mommy who can't go to work.

It's not been fun. 'Specially when you consider that I have no patience for illness, and even less patience for whiners. Yea... it's been a fun week for me.

But I did manage to drag the child into the city on Thursday to get to school, and got my hair done. That's a total bonus. Still no pictures, but I'm back to my previously vampy state. I have SO missed having black hair.