Thursday, February 19, 2009

What an interesting odour

How do you tell someone that they smell?

And I don't mean good, I mean bad. Really, really bad.

I blogged about this at my LJ a few months back... but the problem lingers still.

I like this person. He's, good people and good company. He just SMELLS so bloody bad. There have been times that I've breathed too deeply, and had to bite back my gag reflex.

And he's pretty clean. He seems to wash his hair more often than I do. I'm pretty sure it's an environmental thing. Meaning that his clothes cohabitate in a small apartment with various animals.

Enclosed spaces, and lots of people/creatures tend to do that to you.

I'm torn. do I just leave it alone, or do I bring it up "yo, dude. you stink"

What do you think?


eva said...

ha ha that's tricky... he might get really insulted and hurt if you tell him:s i've had friends who has smelled bad, not only because of tiny flats etc but because they didn't wash. i've never brought it up with the person, though, as i've been too scared of hurting their feelings, so i don't know what sort of reaction to expect. i know i wouldn't have taken it well if someone told me i smelled, but people are different..

Shana-Marie said...

I've ended up not saying anything. I don't think I could. I know when I was about 11 or 12, a friend once made an off hand comment that I sometimes smelled to someone, and it cut me pretty deep...