Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday on Sunday?

Yesterday I spoke to a man on the phone, and it was one of those rare occasions where you encounter someone who really touches you.

And after the call ended (it was about an hour and a half all told) I realized I'd missed this week's thanks for Thursday post. After speaking to that man... well, I'm not entirely sure what to be thankful for, but I do know a perspective shift is in order. I'm not sure if I'm thanking him, or the words that he gave me, or the impact they had....

Let me tell you the story.

The man was calling in yesterday to clear up a balance on his wife's account, and to transfer it into his name. He was doing this because his wife died a month ago, on January 15th. She died quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

And he loved her. He loved her passionately, and deeply, and while he wasn't quite lost without her, you could tell that a huge part of him was gone.

While we were speaking, he told me stories of the things they'd done together. I had to fill out a few forms to request credits for the high balance under her name, so it just made sense to talk, and to let him talk. It truly sounded like he needed it. So I listened.

He told me about how he was a handsome man, who was in good health until his accident that wound up taking both of his legs. That his wife was the most beautiful woman you'd ever meet. He told me how she took care of him, and their home. He told me how beautifully she'd kept things, and how their home was uniquely theirs.

He told me of their love, and their connection. A connection that is still holding strong now, even though she's physically gone. He told me that one of the woman in the house helping him fill out his will, and get a few things in order wasn't a woman who'd normally do things like that, but his wife's spirit contacted her, and told her that she needed to do it.

He told me how strongly he felt that his wife had dispatched angels to see him through, and take care of him. It was amazing to hear, and I was moved several times on the call. My voice was thick, and it was hard to take, just because he touched me.

This week, I am thankful to this man. This wonderful man who set the tone for my day, and hopefully my week.

Thank you.

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eva said...

what a touching story! it's nice when people open up like that :)