Thursday, February 12, 2009

Such a boy sometimes....

Okay... this is sort of about art... but not really at all.

Last year I got a game called The Witcher.

Now, this game is kind of up my alley, being that it's a role playing game, and that's kind of my thing.

I've been playing one RPG or another since I was 14, courtesy of my then boyfriend and his friends. Since then I've branched out a little. Pen an paper still hold my heart, but a good computer RPG is a great substitute.

So, I started playing this game, and I wasn't really happy with it. The controls are funny, it's NOT twitch based, which makes the learning curve high, and well, it's all set from the point of view from a male.

Not just any man though, in this game, you play Geralt, the white wolf.

In short, a huge misogynist.

No seriously, he is. And granted, part of it is the way that you play the game.

See... Geralt has his habit of, well, sleeping with everything that he encounters. As this is a role playing game, the player does have some control and choice over what the avatar does, and I guess I'm kind of a dirty letch myself, because the way I play Geralt... he tends to get laid a lot.

Not only does he get laid, the 'ladies' give him lovely cards as a remembrance of the time they spent together.

I should mention, that you never actually see the act. It's all just innuendo. The game cuts to a cut scene, and you'll hear somethings, or sometimes you'll see the shadow of the bed rocking. Anyhow...

Yea... sometimes I think I'm a bit of a boy.

But back to the art. The imagery is quite interesting, and there was a fair bit of effort put into the cards to make them all different. I guess this helps to keep the game from being too boring. It's sort of sad that this is what game designers have to resort to to keep a game fun.

enh. small things amuse me.

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