Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ooooh.... creativity!

So, I'm feeling creative.

I'm kind of in a nerdy mood.

I put my hair up in a silly little bumpy kind of beehive thing, a-la Amy Winehouse and went out. It was fun, but since I was wearing kind of a dumb outfit (well... comfy, jeans an a T) I decided that when I came home I was going to dress all pretty like.

So, I put on a dress I've had for a couple of years, that I honestly don't think I'll ever have a reason to wear out of the house again*, and have been prancing around all night. Oh... and for note... it's a little lose on me. Just sayin' is all.

But... I'm feeling pretty creative now. I'm going to break out the sewing machine, buy some more tulle so I can add more crinolines, add lace, ribbons and make it a Shana-Marie original.

This is going to be hot! So, next Thursday, either before of after I get my hair done, I'm hitting the fabric store!!!

*The reason that this dress has survived the great closet purges of '08 (there have been 2, the first getting rid of 7 bags of just my clothes, and the second getting another 2 out) is because it wasn't a cheap dress. I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of a dress I spent money on.

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eva said...

youll have to take photos once youre finished with the dress! hmm i might have to add some tulle and lace and ribbons on my own dresses!!