Saturday, January 24, 2009

Video games, Conversations and Menswear

So... I went shopping with my mom today. Bought a Zuit suit. It's Sexy. Looks nothing like the one featured here, but that's a picture of Edward James Olmos who happens to be an actor in an awesome show, so I decided that was the one that needed to go up.

It fits perfectly, and it was only 36bucks. I was not allowed to pass that deal up. My mother told me so.

Then, we went out for a bit, and ended up coming home for me to find that the single player demo for FEAR 2: Project Origin is out and ready for download. Colour me totally excited!

I have been waiting for this game since I demolished FEAR earlier this year. So... yea... totally gleeful!

But this all leads me to think. I play video games... I love menswear...

Am I too boyish?

See... here's my thought. At work, at school, for almost as long as I can remember... I've gotten along with men more easily than women. It's just that simple. I find it easier to relate to them.

I worry about being 'one of the guys'... you know, the guy who wears a lot of eye make up. C'mon... Bowie's still a man, and he wore more make up than I ever will!

Anyhow... It's just an interesting observation.

not going anywhere with it.


eva said...

i wouldn't worry about it. i tend to get along better with men too, maybe because they have a different way of socializing; not as much talking, more doing stuff. i get restless if i have to sit still for too long. i don't think it's a bad thing; i like men. and i think it would take more than a suit for the both of us to start looking like men.. ;)

Shana-Marie said...

I think it's also expectations and female cattiness. This isn't to say that men can't or aren't ever catty, because some men are...

I used to have a friend who'd talk about everyone behind their backs. So-and-so was stupid. This other girl looked like a zombie when she put make up on.

It was endless... and I wasn't always naive enough to think that just because she called me "best" friend that it was any different when I wasn't around.

I just don't feel like that when I'm one of the guys.