Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not red... but blonde...

So, I got the cut. It's an asymmetrical bob. Very hot. It's still pretty long... almost shoulder length on the left in the front.

And... I didn't go red. As the lovely stylist and I agreed... did that last time, would be boring to do again. So... since I'm still in my 90 day probation... we stayed a little tame... but laid the ground work. We went with as close to a platinum blonde as possible for hilights.

It's very sexy.

Next time I go back, we'll put in something like a purple or a pink or a green... something awesome.

I've got some pictures, but my hair is pretty angry with me. Coarse hair and bleach don't mix well, so I'll need to give it some TLC and try for a better picture later. I got an under ripe avocado ready for next week.
I'm in absolute GLEE! Have I mentioned that I love my stylist? she is TEH awesome. I'll let all you who stalk the blog silently who live 'round here.... It's called Jenri, and it's on Glenridge.

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