Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Loving the Art...

So, I don't normally post about art. And when I do, it's normally tarot based.

But, I have to stop and direct everyone to this lovely artist that I found via Livejournal today.

Tina Imel

The image I've featured here is called Youth is Wasted on the Young.

She has a cameo pendent of it for sale.

I really REALLY want it. And one day, I will have it, or I'll buy one of her other ones. She sells them at her site, and at her etsy shop.

As it is, right now, I've spent far too much money on myself, and feel as if I should stop for the next while. Perhaps as a birthday present... that is only a few months away. ~.^


eva said...

ahh that's so cool!! i kind of agree that youth is wasted on the young. i look back at my (short) life and i think fucking hellll.. what a sad person i was (last year). yet i also think i look better and better the older i get. age adds character, somehow. i bet i'll find my boyfriend even more attractive when he's 40 or even 50, just because people's personality shows more and more the older they get? i don't find 16 year olds attractive any longer, their faces are too smooth - i bet as you get older you acquire a taste for people your own age. oh and thanks for posting some art, do it again when you find something new!!

eva said...

oh i just saw your twitter answer to me. i get roseroot from the chemist or from health shops. it's sort of like ginseng, but with more sexual benefits;) it's also called rhodiola rosea.