Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream Catchers

My MIL is Christian, and I've never held it against her. She was a pretty hardcore born again for a while, and deemed those who were not christian to be going to hell.

I am on the other hand, not Christian. Not even remotely. I don't know what to call myself, besides 'eclectic' because I don't have a real path ahead of me. I pull from paganism and very heavily from my native heritage, and Norse/Egyptian/Greek/roman mythology.

In short, I'm very open. Originally I had written confused, but I'm not confused, I'm just searching. The end result is that I believe there is a power, a 'god' so to speak. I don't believe it has any gender, or a face, or form. I don't believe it's something we as humans can truly comprehend in our current form and dimension. I think this is why so many cultures have so many similar ideas when they break down their religions.

Anyhow, back to my MIL. We chatted yesterday about magnetic fields, and spirituality, and I broke down and told her about my penchant for making dream catchers. She seemed to truly be interested in this act, and didn't give me the look of "Satan's daughter!!!!"

It was pretty cool.

Still though, I won't tell her about the tarot cards in my purse. we'll keep that secret a little bit longer.


eva said...

i didn't know you made dream catchers, i love dream catchers, you'll have to post some more photos of them! i don't think being open minded is the same as being confused at all. i think it's being wise. there's so much stuff we don't know about, so why settle down on one specific theory of reality? it's good she was ok with what you told her, yet if she had called you a satanist or objected in any way.. i would have been.. hm. not surprised, but disappointed. i know things are different in the us, so many religious people who take things very seriously, but isn't christianity about love and acceptance? why would tarot cards be against god? i've never heard of tarot cards causing any harm to people.. people bring so much of their personal opinions and uncertainties into religion, when the message should be easy: be nice.

Shana-Marie said...

I haven't made any in a long time, but yea, I used to make them, and runic charms a lot. I'd give them to friends and family.

Once, she and I had a conversation about angels that got a little heated. She was telling me that anyone who thought that spirit guides were there to help them were stupid. Now, me with my native background got realy upset at that, but rather than getting angry with her, I simply asked if she believed in Angels.
Obviously she said yes. And I asked her what an Angel's role in human life was. She told me that it was to protect and guide spiritually. I asked her what the difference between an angel and a spirit guide was, and she said something about animals and ranted a bit. Rather than continue the argument, I just smiled.

She's come a long way since then. She still believes in her God and loves him dearly, but she's more open to different interpertations.

Not ready for tarot cards yet though. She thinks that they're a portal to invite evil spirits/demons into yourself and your home. To a certain extent she's right, they CAN be used for negativity, and they CAN be used as a portal. But then, as a friend of mine once said a hammer CAN be used as a weapon, does that make the hammer evil?

Princess of the Universe said...

Mmm - I love Dream Catchers...I think they're so pretty...

eva said...

he he, it was fun reading about your conversation, very clever; you totally outsmarted her.